A history of hospitality.

In 1986 Peter Gamma, owner of the “Zur Münz” food store in Zug, decided to bring his taste for the exquisite, his unmistakable style and his passion for hospitality to a wider public. Today, GAMMACATERING is one of the leading Swiss companies in its field, with around 20 employees and more than 500 freelance staff. Its party arrangements enjoy a legendary reputation.

Sustainability with distinction.

The examination was tough, the results outstanding: GAMMACATERING is the first catering company in Switzerland awarded the distinguished certification as a “Sustainable Company powered by the FAMAB”.
We are pleased, and immensely proud, as this title confirms our sustainable development and actions in all relevant areas of our industry.
We are also committed to support smaller food producers and certified products from Fairtrade Max Havelaar.

Teamwork full of enthusiasm.

Our well-rehearsed teams set the perfect scene for hosts and guests, wherever they are. Meticulous preparation and absolute professionalism are the hallmarks of our work. All our staff are regularly trained to ensure outstanding service and sincere hospitality. Depending on the assignment, we are assisted by selected Partners.

Marlon Schmid

Project Manager

Remo Siebers

Executive Chef, Executive Board Member

Janine Kurmann

Head of Sales

Anna Wyss

Project Manager

Cléo Oberholzer

Head of Marketing and Projects

Anke Krause

CEO and Associate of GAMMA Group

Lukas Dietziker

Operations Manager

Peter Gamma

Chairman of the Board

Yannick Mertzweiler

Pastry Chef

Livia Schmid

Head of Interior Design, Executive Board Member

Jürgen Zierer


Manuela Schärli

Head of Human Resources GAMMA Groupe

Carmen Straumann

Head of Finance GAMMA Groupe

Sandra Senti

Kitchen Administrator

Christian Oggier

Event Manager

Moorthy Thiyagarajah

Warehouse Manager

Nadine Stadelmann

Sales, Marketing and Project Management Trainee

Markus Ure

Driver, Logistics and Backstage

Sefcet Kukac

Chef de Partie

Nicoleta Lieberherr

Head of Payroll GAMMA Groupe

Italo Fiorentino

Event Manager

Savi Sachchithananthamoorthy

Warehouse and Dishwashing

Gonçalo Almeida

Event Manager Trainee


Bösch 43
6331 Hünenberg
T +41 41 781 10 01
F +41 41 781 10 02



Bösch 43
6331 Hünenberg
T +41 41 781 10 01
F +41 41 781 10 02

+41 61 603 33 20

St. Moritz
+41 81 833 09 81

+41 41 781 10 01


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